Head Shots:




Steven Rickards, lit from head to toe while singing in front of the French Ambassador's residence for the Washington National Opera's  Opera Ball, June 6, 2008. The costume was the creation of Mourka Glogowski and Julien Pavillard, artistic director of the Fetes des Lumières, Lyon, France.
A close-up of me in costume.  I've never been hotter in my life!!! I was plugged into the wall and standing for three hours on a humid 85-degree June night.
Awaiting the arrival of the Opera Ball guests.
Singing Handel's Terpichore with the New York Baroque Dance Company, Florence Gould Hall, New York City, September 2005. Left to right: Steven Rickards as Apollo, Caroline Copeland as Terpsichore, and Ava Pine as Erato.
Theatre of Voices: back row (left to right) Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, Alan Bennett; (middle row) Paul Elliott; (front row) Ellen Hargis, Steven Rickards, and Paul Hillier
The El Ni˝o countertenors in Australia Left to right: Brian Cummings, Daniel Bubeck, Steven Rickards
Steven in front of Malm÷ Opera House, Sweden
John Adams' El Nino, Malm÷ Opera, Sweden Left to right: Ingeb°rg Kosmo, Brian Cummings, Steven Rickards, Daniel Bubeck, Trond Halstein Moe
El Nino, Malm÷ Opera, Sweden Left to right: Trond Halstein Moe, Ingeb°rg Kosmo, Charlotta Larsson, Brian Cummings, Daniel Bubeck, Steven Rickards
El Ni˝o Poster-Den Norske Opera, Oslo Norway
The Rickards Linell Duo, in Wunsdorf, Germany
The men of the Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Indianapolis
Benjamin Britten's Death in Venice, Opera Company of Philadelphia, William Lewis (Left, Aschenbach), Steven Rickards (Center, Voice of Apollo)
Handel's Partenope, Opera Omaha (Left to Right) Steven Tharp, Drew Minter, Jennifer Lane, Dawn Kotosky, William Sharp, Steven Rickards (center)
The Rickards Linell Duo at Coventry Cathedral
Steven Rickards with J. Reilly Lewis, conductor of the Washington Bach Consort
The Den Norske Opera (Oslo) Company's cast  of John Adams' opera El Niño.
Steven Rickards, Brian Cummings, and Daniel Bubeck in the Den Norske Opera production of John Adams' opera El Niño.
The Rickards Linell Duo in a benefit recital for the Bach Society, Ft. Wayne Indiana
Rickards Linell Duo in recital at Butler University
The Rickards Linell Duo for their concert "An Evening with Mr. Henry Purcell."
John Eaton's The Tempest, Santa Fe Opera - Gimi Beni (Left, Stephano), Steven Rickards (Right, Trinculo)